Sunday, December 30, 2007

More End of the Year Fussing....

Resolutions...we wish we could keep them. We would be so happy if we could just do a little bookkeeping and filing everyday so that it wouldn't pile up. We get busy and the next thing you know the books haven't been balanced since August. And look at the pile of papers in the corner! As one mother used to say, "Saints preserve us"!

OK..all those over organized people out there, we bow to your greatness. Just like Housekeeping, Bookkeeping and God Forsaken FILING tend to pile up QUICKLY!!

We remember Linda Ellerbee saying once that her mother used to always tell her to do a little housekeeping everyday so that she would always have a clean house. Of course we are paraphrasing here...but ain't it the truth!

So, on to more filing. We believe if we have one more heavy sigh we will hyperventilate!

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