Friday, January 4, 2008

Vacuvin Wine Vacuum..

These Wine Bottle Vacuums are great. One of our new favorite items.

We read recently in a consumer magazine that they didn't rate well. The article went on to say that the Vacuvin Wine Vacuum doesn't work any better than the cork that the bottle came with. We totally disagree! We have had many a good bottle of wine become bitter and acidic after sitting in the fridge with the cork re-inserted for just 1 day. Air is the culprit.

Here is how they work:

The Wine Saver is a vacuum pump, which extracts the air from the opened bottle and re-seals it with a re-usable rubber stopper. Place the re-usable stopper in the bottle and extract the air from the bottle using the Wine Saver pump. A “click” sound tells you when you have reached the optimum vacuum level. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process so that you can enjoy your wine for longer.

Whether you love red or it cold or room temperature, we have had EXCELLENT luck with this easy to use vacuum system. And we don't currently sell them! We will soon carry them, because they are a must have for wine lovers who don't drink the whole bottle at one sitting...yes, there are a few of us out there.

So look for them soon in our shopping cart. They are highly recommended by these wine lovers.

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