Monday, July 21, 2008

Cheap Gifts, Inexpensive Gifts, Affordable Gifts, Gifts on a Budget

With gas prices up to and over $4 per gallon, what are the good gift givers out there supposed to do? You want to give that friend, colleague, cousin, sister, brother, mother, father... (you get the idea) a neat, cool gift for their special occasion. But oh darn that tight budget!

Here are some fun gift ideas for gift items that won't break the bank:

  1. Olive Sandwiches gift items
  2. Prima Donna glass serving pieces and drink coasters...THEIR ON SALE!
  3. Mina Lee funny cocktail napkins and matching coffee mugs & tea cups
  4. Murray's Law funny gift items, cocktail napkins and coffee mugs
  5. Wild Eye cool, chic cocktail shakers and ice buckets
  6. Anne Taintor retro gift items, coffee mugs, funny cocktail napkins
  7. Bad Cat funny cocktail napkins
  8. Corona beer gift items, koozies, bar signs, beer mugs, pilsner glasses & more
  9. Design Design funny gift items, coffee mugs and funny cocktail napkins
  10. Jack Daniel's licensed giftware, shot glasses, flasks, cocktail glasses & decanters
  11. Go Girl funny, retro gift items and retro cocktail napkins
  12. Lolita Hand Painted Glassware, martini glasses, margarita glasses, cocktail pitchers & more
  13. Lush Life fun and funky cocktail items
  14. Mr. Tony (Lollylu) cute and funny Bikini (Booby) & Booty coffee mugs
  15. Mary Phillips Designs wine glasses, drink coasters, funny cocktail/beverage napkins & more
  16. MikWright retro and funny coffee mugs, funny cocktail napkins, drink coasters plates and other gift items
  17. Fred fun cocktail and liquor accessories and gift items
  18. The Simpsons® pilsner beer glasses

So there you go! These gift items have all price ranges. The majority of them are under $25. And many gifts are under $5! Think about it. You can get a pack of funny cocktail napkins for just a few more dollars than you can buy a birthday card. And cocktail napkins give you much more bang for your buck. Cocktail napkins make you laugh, keep your cocktail glass sweat off the furniture, clean your mouth after that yummy bite and you can share them with your friends. You can't do that with a birthday card!

So when you need that birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift or host/hostess gift, think about . We will ship it fast!

Retro Flasks & Thermoses

We all know that there are some days when you MUST take your cocktail with you. We have been the hit at the movie theater viewing of Sex & The City when we snuck (or is the word now used as "sneaked...not sure when the past tense of sneak changed) in Cosmopolitans. Beats a regular old fountain drink at $5.

Well what are we supposed to do to transport our favorite cocktail? If you happen to have a thermos that will fit in your purse, good for you! And if you had your very own flask that fit oh so neatly into your hip pocket, all the better.

For the rest of us, here are the newest "MUST HAVE" items.

OLIVE SANDWICHES Retro Thermos collection.

Here is the "Gardening, Yoga, Bubble Baths, Medication...and I still want to smack somebody!" Thermos.

There is a matching Flask and Coffee Mug/Tea Cup.

Think about all those times that you needed a hot cup of coffee on the go. With the price of Starbucks now, this item is really a money saver too? You can pack enough coffee to get you through the morning.

And when you need a cold drink, well what was the old Thermos advertisement? "Keeps Hot Things Hot, Keeps Cold Things Cold! And as a bonus, it is too cute and stylish!

Here is the "Yoo, Hoo! Has anybody seen my sanity?" Retro Thermos from Olive Sandwiches.

There is a matching Flask too!