Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nashville Roast Coffee and a Funny Mug
is now carrying coffee

We found a great local roaster who produces a quality product at a great price. We are now carrying tasty coffee from Nashville Roast Coffee Company. If you aren't familiar with Nashville Roast Coffee, here is a little information from their site:

We are Nashville Roast, a wholesale coffee roaster located at the historic Cannery Row near downtown Nashville. We have been roasting coffee in Nashville since 2007. Our connections in Costa Rica, have pioneered the business of specialty coffee production and export, positioning Costa Rican and Central American coffees in the most demanding markets for success by developing niche markets through constant coffee education. This connection allows us to find the best coffee, from seed to cup, to satisfy the palate of the most discriminating consumer.

At Nashville Roast, we are dedicated to sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffees in the world. Artisan coffee roasting and prompt delivery, enhance the inherent flavors and aromas of the bean for every coffee aficionado.

For a limited time, we are offering a sale. Buy any flavor of Nashville Roast Coffee PLUS any one of our funny mugs and receive 10% off your entire order.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

NEW Anne Taintor Shot Glasses

Anne Taintor Shot know you want some.

The perfect gift for hostess, for bridesmaid… for pretty much any occasion that involves alcohol. Anne Taintor and the crew have been working on these for a while, trying to get them absolutely perfect… and they are!

Our 2 oz. shot glasses meet CA Prop. 65 requirements, the strictest code in the market. (Strict and fun: just what you expect from Anne Taintor!)

We’ve packaged each set of four glasses in a sturdy (and extremely attractive) display box to make gift-giving a sure shot.
Each 2 oz. glass is 4'' tall. Packed 4 glasses/set

Sets include:

''high maintenance' doesn't begin to cover it''

''all I want is an umbrella in my drink''

''it's so involved being me''

''I love not camping''


''old enough to know better... too young to give a rat's ass''
''surely it must be five o'clock somewhere''
"let's ignore our mothers' well-meant advice''
''someone was going to have to set a bad example''

''I can never remember which is better... safe?...or sorry?''

''looking for trouble? look no further...''

''golly! liquor is quicker!''

''born to be wild''

''I have what one might call 'special needs'''

''I should come with a warning label''

''the key word is 'alleged'''

''just let my conscience be our guide''


''medicated and motivated''

''stop me before I volunteer again''

''I'm so happy it's happy hour''

''why do dishes when you can do shots?''

''guess where I'm tattooed''

''she threw herself eagerly into the paths of unsuitable men''

''she was about two shots away from proving his mother right''

''why yes, I am that kind of girl''

Monday, October 11, 2010

NEW Ephemera Cocktail/Beverage Napkins...they're a HOOT!

Ephemera, Inc: Retro with attitude. We love Ephemera's sense of style and hilarious captions on their cocktail/beverage napkins.

Some of Ephemera's new party napkins:

If you don't know much about Ephemera, Inc., here is a little from their website:

Founded in 1980 in San Francisco, CA

Now located in Phoenix, Oregon (population 4,060)
Home of Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003

Jerry Lewis
Mad Magazine
Lenny Bruce
Miles Davis
Abbie Hoffman
Ronald McDonald
Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Jane Fonda
Soupy Sales
Henry Mancini
Frank Sinatra
Sid Vicious
Dr. Suess
Vladimir Nabokov
Vlad the Impaler

Being weird isn’t enough.
Doing strange things in the name of art.
Pissing off the whole world – one person at a time.
Being nice to people is a really good idea.

We are hoping to carry Ephemera's coffee/tea mugs, drink coasters and other items soon.

Stay tuned!