Thursday, November 11, 2010

MikWright Hip Flasks, Personal Cases and Party Cups

NEW MikWright Flasks, Party Cups & Cases is excited to offer new MikWright gift items. Hip flasks, flask sets, and personal cases that are fun to give and receive.

It is hard to believe the Holiday Season is almost here.
But there it is, just weeks away.
Here are some fresh ideas to put a little sass in the season.

MikWright Personal case. Great for pills, jewelry, etc.
"You know I'm not wearing any underwear."

MikWright Party Cups. Set of 4.
"There he goes again, showing off his wiener"
"Do I look like I give a rat's ass?
"Monica, dear, that was a precious little story. Now, be a sweetheart and fix mommy another martini."
"I'm doing my part to go green. Today for lunch I had three apple martinis."

MikWright Party Cups.
"Sure, I like a cocktail every now and again. and the last time I checked, it was now. "
"My life is so perfect, I'm looking for a problem to drink about."
"Hello vodka, it's mommy calling"
"Drinks well with others"

Flask Sets Include:

My life is so perfect, I'm looking for a problem to drink about.
Now remember, no running, no diving and no salt on my margaritas.
To have and to hold, from this day forward.
You Kids put that homework away! These cocktails are not going to refill themselves.

Individual Flasks Include:

Mama loves her some boxed wine.

Drinks well with others

For the record, the only problem I have with alcohol is that I'm running low on vodka

I'm doing my part to go green. Today at lunch I had 3 apple martinis

Honey, just between us girls, mama's half buzzed.

Hello Vodka! It's mommy calling.

There he goes again, showing off his wiener.

Monica dear, that was a precious little story. Now be a sweetheart and make mommy another martini

Some days it's nice to just relax and have a cocktail. On other days, it's nice to relax and have a cocktail.

Tampon Cases Include:

It's all about the shoes

I was never meant to fly coach

That's the look she gets just before going into ''full-on-bitch'' mode

Why the hell do I even get up in the morning

I was never meant to work

If there is a God, please let this guy be my OB/GYN

Anne Taintor Magnetic Post Cards

NEW Anne Taintor Magnetic Postcards
It's a postcard! It's a magnet!

Write a message, affix a postcard-rate stamp, and pop in the mail. The delighted addressee then peels off the backing and has a 6'' x 4'' magnet to cherish forever.

Another day in paradise

ta-daa! now let's have a cocktail...

you're never too old....
to do something stupid

did somebody say "open bar"?

someone is about to get herself voted off this island

If you didn't know, Anne Taintor is the original vintage humor company. Here's a little background on Anne from her website:

Twenty-five years ago, single mother and frustrated artist Anne Taintor glued the words "intellectuals gone bad" onto a vintage magazine ad showing two glamorous women from the 1950s, launching a career that has led to her being described as "the patron saint of female frustration" and "queen of collage kitsch."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shannon Martin Drink/Cocktail Coasters ON SALE!

As usual they please the eye and tickle the funny bone. Shannon's vintage images combined with her witty sense of humor are a perfect combination that will compliment your next cocktail party. Perfect for ladies who love to laugh. All coasters are printed on sturdy recycled (and recyclable!) paper. Sturdy enough for a few uses, but disposable and easy to recycle.

Drink coaster sets include:

Do you know the way to Cabernet?
You had me at Merlot
Que Syrah, Syrah
A Pinot for your thoughts

Here's to nights we'll never remember with friends we'll never forget.
The trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun.
Hear no evil, speak no evil and you'll never be invited to a party. - Oscar Wilde
The mark of a good party is that you wake up the next morning wanting to change your name and start life in a different city.

My liquid diet is going well. So far I've lost 2 days.
Let's get you out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini.
You look like I need a drink.
The whole world is about three drinks behind. - Humphrey Bogart

The problem with some people is that when they aren't drunk, they're sober. - William Butler Yeats
Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age.
I never repeat gossip. So listen carefully.
Everyone needs to believe in something; I believe I'll have another drink.

Wine a little, you'll feel better.
Here's to good food, good drink and bad boys.
Cheers! I'd make the toast, but I don't cook.
Pick me, squeeze me, make me wine.

Wine is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. - Benjamin Franklin
If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. - Katherine Hepburn
Bottoms up!
Why limit happy to an hour?

You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on. - Dean Martin
If a life of wine, women and song becomes too much, give up the singing.
Take me to your liter.
How can I be so thirsty this morning, when I drank so much last night?