Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Humor from Anne Taintor and MikWright

Anne Taintor Styles Included:

His thoughtful gift had ''exchange'' written all over it.

The mistletoe isn't the only thing that is going to get hammered.

You saw Mommy kissing NO ONE, you understand?

All she wanted for Christmas was a nap.

She had decided to go with ''Naughty'' this year.

Fortunately, she had remembered to stock up on Prozac before going home for the holidays.

Now was probably not the best time to tell the kids they were jewish.

The tree wouldn't be the only one getting lit this year.

She was one plum pudding away from a yuletide meltdown.

MikWright Holiday Coasters:

''dear santa, here's a picture of our chimney. please email the dimensions of your ass because I don't think this is gonna work.''

''speaking of fruitcakes, when does your nephew get in from San Francisco? pass the cranberries.''

''I'll be home for Christmas. (and in therapy by new year's)''

''(whatever it is, I hope it fits in my wallet or my liquor cabinet.)''

''Monica dear, there is no santa. Now, be a sweetheart and make mommy another martini''

Does this turkey make my butt look big?

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