Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Peach Tart Blog

Found a great blog today thanks to a customer of ours. Ms. Peach did a write up about Anne Taintor Flasks and directed her readers our way. Thanks again Ms. Peach!

Anne Taintor Flasks post

Check out The Peach Tart Blog when you get a chance. It is a lot of fun

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What You Eat Standing Up Doesn't Count - Beth Barnes

A sweet lady just called with a wonderful story about the "What You Eat Standing Up Doesn't Count" napkins. She told me that her niece just bought some of the napkins for her as a gift. When she received them she was so excited. Why, you might ask? Because she is THE Beth Barnes who originally said "What You Eat Standing Up Doesn't Count".

Beth went on to say that about 25 years ago she threw a wonderful large party at her home. She looked around the room and no one was eating all her wonderful food that she worked so hard to prepare. So she announced to the crowd, "Everyone, What You Eat Standing up Doesn't Count! So eat!" She was trying her best to encourage everyone to eat. She said that she just thought of it off the cuff. How clever she is!

It turns out that one of the guests at the party was a woman who had a daughter who wrote anthologies. The daughter wrote an anthology on food and Beth's comment was included in the book. Luckily she was given credit for her clever line. And since that book came out, Beth's clever words have been on cards and other items. She was so excited that her words were also included on cocktail napkins.

I was so excited to hear the story. Beth Barnes made my day.
She went on to say, "It's my only claim to fame".
To which I replied, "I think that is a pretty big claim to fame!"

Thanks Beth for sharing that story. I enjoyed it very much.

And yes, I'll work on a nice discount for you. It is the least I can do!