Friday, January 25, 2008

Funny Family Cocktail Story..

Legend has it that our Grandparents on our Mother's side loved to drink and entertain their friends and family. They were "partiers" before the word "party" was a verb.

Our people come from a small town in Texas named Mart. Not far from Waco and Austin this little community was quite the agricultural town. Farmers and Ranchers (part-time and full-time) like to have a good time.

Well, once upon a time, our mother heard singing out on the farm. Not the normal "whistle while you work" singing that can be heard from the kitchen. No, this was the top of your lungs, off key singing that only rings true from the great outdoors in the summer air. She was a teenager at the time so curiosity got the better of her.

Mom strolled outside to find the mysterious melody. She looked everywhere around the house and found nothing. The singing seemed to go away by the time she reached the driveway. So she turned to head back to the house. But wait....there it is again. She turned on her heals and headed for the back of the house. But she still didn't see what her ears were hearing.

As she got closer to the back field, she noticed the large tree that normally provided the small amount of shade for a good part of the lot. She knew she must be getting closer, because the singing got louder. But there wasn't a soul near the tree, let alone anyone, or anything that could sing.

Finally she arrived at the big tree. Standing under the tree's canopy, she heard the singing again. She looked up into the tree to find her mother and her mother's sister sitting up in the tree singing their lungs out. What could cause two full grown women to climb a tree and entertain themselves in this way?


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