Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Margarita Machines

1.) What is a Frozen Drink Machine?

A Frozen Drink Machine (Margarita Machine) is piece of equipment that has a variety of uses. First and foremost, it acts as a "mini freezer". Basically, you put frozen drink mix product in the machine, turn it on to the "freeze mode" and the frozen drink product comes out in with a slush consistency (after the proper amount of time). That is, of course, if you used the right kind of frozen drink mix that contains the proper amount of sugar (measured in brix units). Frozen beverage equipment has 3 main components. A condenser, an evaporator and a compressor. All three have their specific functions, however, they combine their functions to remove heat from the frozen drink mix product which produces a slush product which make frozen drinks.
2.) Is a Margarita Machine a commercial blender with legs?
No, a margarita machine is not a blender (with or without legs). You can't place chunks of ice, fruit or anything else of this type in the machine without it breaking the auger (the device that churns or twirls the slush product). The idea of the frozen beverage machine is to churn the smoothie or cocktail mix over the evaporator (cooling drum) so that it speeds the freezing process.
3.) Does the frozen drink machine require ice to operate?
No, you don't need ice to operate a frozen drink machine. As a matter of fact, you DON'T WANT TO USE ICE IN MARGARITA MACHINES, GRANITA MACHINES, SMOOTHIE MACHINES, SLUSH MACHINES OR ANY OTHER FROZEN BEVERAGE MACHINES! Save the ice for your home or commercial blender. You want a margarita machine to take you away from standing at a blender while everyone else has a good time. You want the frozen drink machine to let you join the party.
4.) Is a Frozen Drink Machine the same as a Margarita Machine, Slush Machine, Daiquiri Machine, Smoothie Machine or a Granita Machine?
A Margarita Machine is known by many names. Most of the time it depends on where you are from and how the frozen drink machine or restaurant supply companies like to advertise them. We've heard the terms, frozen beverage machine, frozen beverage dispenser, frozen juice machine or frozen juice dispenser from our friends in the North United States (Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and other Northern Customers). We heard the terms, margarita machine, frozen drink machine, granita machine, slush machine, slushee machine or smoothie machine from our friends in the South United States (Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama and other Sourthern Customers). Then there are still those customers all over the U.S. that still refer to all frozen drink machines as Slurpee Machines, Icee Machines, Slush Puppy Machines. These are all federally trademarked names from various businesses. However, people still use their names as a label on the frozen drink equipment.
7.) What brands of Slush Machines does YouNeedADrink.com & Frozen Drink Madness® sell?
Frozen Drink Madness® and YouNeedADrink.com carry frozen drink equipment name brands like: Bunn, Faby (CAB), Grani, Granis, Crathco (Wilch, Grindmaster), Taylor, Saniserv, Coldelite, Cool Tech, Stoelting, Flavor Freeze(Carpigiani,Sencotel,Coldelite) and soon Cecilware. In other words, if you need a smoothie machine, granita machine margarita machine, slush machine or a multitude of machines, we can help you!

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