Thursday, December 13, 2007

Salad and wine...yum.

So, this evening we had a lovely salad and a nice glass of wine (or two...but who is counting) for dinner. Why in the world would we bring this up in a blog. Well, this nice dinner got us thinking...hmm. You know, wine just tastes better in a fun, comfortable wine glass. Not just any glass, one that makes you smile. Yes we can be a little...strange, but who cares. Do you know how a nice pen feels in your hand? The weight, the smooth feel, the stroke of the ink? Well, a wine glass can be just as important to the senses. I'll bet you never gave it a minute of thought. Most people wouldn't...but hey, like we stated above...we can be a little strange.

So, here are our picks for great wine glasses:.....ahh....who cares. We've had wine! Nighty, night!

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