Monday, December 10, 2007

Flasks...transport your fun!

Flasks...we remember a time when our relatives travelled with a liquor briefcase. Does anyone out there remember those? Metal cases lined in velvet or satin with pre-formed foam that cradled a couple of glasses, a jigger or two, a bottle of your favorite spirit and other tools that made the perfect cocktail. Many were engraved with the owner's initials. We can remember that two of our uncles never left home without their "medicine case".

We aren't sure why these cases came to mind...reminiscing and digressing we guess. We don't carry these cases, but we do have some really cool, groovy, retro and even funny hip flasks. Some of the flasks have hooks right on the sides so that you can attach your keys or attach the flask to your pants.

We have a customer who bought a few to give to her friends. These friends actually have a float in the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. Now that is a great idea! They can hang them from their costumes and never be without something tasty to quench their thirsts.

Now...when you need to make a friend smile, you have to look at these flasks from Olive Sandwiches... They are hip, chic, funny and oh, so retro. We should say that they are the "hippest" hip flasks we have found (pardon the pun). There are several styles from which to choose...

Of course, we also carry Jack Daniel's flasks for the guys and girls in your life who often feel the need to "Get All Jacked Up"...quoting Gretchen Wilson. Check out the whole line.

Flasks...they are making a comeback. And you don't have to carry liquor only in them...why not some refreshing water? Yeah...we know. But the thought is good.

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