Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anne Taintor Magnetic Postcards

NEW Anne Taintor Magnetic Postcards
It's a postcard! It's a magnet!

Write a message, affix a postcard-rate stamp, and pop in the mail. The delighted addressee then peels off the backing and has a 6'' x 4'' magnet to cherish forever.

Another day in paradise

you're never too do something stupid

did somebody say "open bar"?

someone is about to get herself voted off this island

If you didn't know, Anne Taintor is the original vintage humor company. Here's a little background on Anne from her website:

Twenty-five years ago, single mother and frustrated artist Anne Taintor glued the words "intellectuals gone bad" onto a vintage magazine ad showing two glamorous women from the 1950s, launching a career that has led to her being described as "the patron saint of female frustration" and "queen of collage kitsch."

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