Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shannon Martin - Girl Designer NEW Cocktail/Beverage Napkins

Your next party needs a touch of retro, witty, fun, funky & whimsy. Look at these great Shannon Martin Cocktail Beverage napkins. Shannon combines old images with witty, pithy captions to create napkins with a retro feel, and sharp wit.
Captions for these funny napkins include:

Shannon Martin is a seasoned graphic designer, entertaining writer and lifetime prankster who was born to create funny, funky, witty and retro cocktail/beverage napkins. Shannon loves what she does and hopes you do, too.

Shannon attributes any artistic tendencies to her mother, who used to paint faces on the fruit she put in her children's lunches. She has a background in art and design and draws inspiration from Joseph Cornell, Anne Lamott and her hero, Pippi Longstocking.
Be sure to check out all the styles available. They will add witty banter to any cocktail party.

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