Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Etch-It Party Cups Are Here!

Etch-It Party cups...Never Lose Your Cup Again!

Name-tag or Artist Canvas? Here is the latest way to add a priceless amount of FUN to group events.

Etch-it equipped disposable cups are instant, fun and pen-less. They save time and money. Etch-It are the newest in party cups. These fun etch-it cups help party guests remember their drinks. They work like a real etch-it board.

No need to get markers for the plastic cups. Peel the protective paper and use your fingernails to write your name or draw a picture to easily identify your cup.

Party guests will love the new Etch-it Party Cups. Never Lose Your Drink Use Fewer Cups Great Party Ice Breakers Everyday Family Fun Doubles as a Nametag Less Germ Exposure Less Clean Up Great for the Office School, Church, Club Meetings etc.

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